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The City of Islands

The design approach stems from the very idea of Mumbai evolving from a divided city of islands while staying significantly connected by a cultural value. The brief includes three distinct programs, a business hotel, a commercial complex and a metro office, within the same site which ultimately curates the holistic aim- to build a conducive multi-use structure with common connective facets. The intent is to give essential thrust to breather spaces, which are crucial in the otherwise chaotic centrally located site. These breather spaces receive cognition as and with the optimum utilisation of the terraces being formed at different levels. The cantilevered blocks attempt to emphasise on the individual form of a particular space in relevance to it's designated function.
The idea of having two cores was to provide for separate circulation routes and networks, desirable for the necessary privacy and selective interaction of the users of the three programs. At certain levels, the cores get connected via common floor plates for spaces like multipurpose halls and recreational areas which demand and allow for mixing of users and networking.
The site ramps up onto a grand podium level entry for hotel users while it opens into a public plaza favourable to pedestrians accessing the commercial complex at the ground level. Separate entries are provided to the metro office and parking areas. The diagrid construction system along with transfer girders aid in providing column free spaces while structurally holding together the cantilevers from all ends. Overall, the design’s objective to serve as a fresh and innovative landmark in multi-use developments in the busy cosmopolitan city of Mumbai.

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