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The Co-living hub

The project attempted to explore the possibilities in student accomodation and to blur boundaries between private and collaborative living. The aim of the programme was to enhance and celebrate student life, thus emphasising on spaces creating various levels of public interaction right from an event space to smaller study groups.

The design and sequence of spaces was influenced by the planning of traditional houses of mangalore. The larger sides of the structure opened up towards north and west maximising the scope of light and ventilation. Thus, opening up the building to offer a view of the sea to maximum units along with providing privacy to individual housing units.The units were planned in a linear fashion to optimise the maximum area for habitation. The variation in the user group - from families to bachelors allowed the creation of flexible open spaces with constant changing of functions based on user groups. The recreation area included a cafe, gym, games room and other functions that created a mix of open and closed spaces which blended into each other.

The facade of the building was designed to allow a provision for planters. Horizontal members were provided in the balcony so that every house could further create their own vertical gardens and design their part of the building elevation. Thus maintaining the lush green character of mangalore city with vegetation.

The design proposal was thus an attempt to form co living and co learning spaces for varied user groups within the given site conditions.

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