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The Concave

Set in the dynamicity of the city of Mumbai in close proximity to Siddhivinayak temple the project represents convergence of devotees from diverse communities and different user groups.
The design accommodates elements that bind different functions together in a seamless manner and the experiential pathways take one through these.
Being close to the temple, the design serves as a spillover area to the temple complex serving as the pre function and post function areas.
The functions respond to the daily activities of the residential people nearby, devotees and the upcoming metro users.
Narrative of the design was to celebrate the essence of the city, its diversity and its unanticipated magic.
The entries at some nodes have been specified, otherwise the edges of the site have been kept seamless and porus. The elements on the pathways add to the experience while walking down the pathway.
One can see the land modulating into berms forming sheltered and cozy seating spaces. Walking down the pathway one can encounter playful mounds for the kids. The central core acts as a performance area with a cosy amphitheater with skylight above.
The surfaces of the berms allows the user to work on them. Cafe and shops for visitors act as pause points at either nodes of the site. Edges have been made interactive and activities like cycling are promoted by providing lanes at the edges.
Overall design has been planned by keeping the spirit of dynamicity of the city in mind. It stitches different people, their needs and activities together as a foreground refreshment and enthusiasm.

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