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The Green Abode

The studio house is the reflection of Jeet's personality. It is carefree and cool but also inviting and warm. Considering her love for nature, the studio house is designed to bring the fresh nature inside.
The space captures the calmness of the green with a touch of earthy brown. The Pastel pink gives the pop of color Jeet wanted. The mood of the space is like a breeze, calm yet carefree, static yet moving sticking to its earthy roots.
Keeping in mind her passion of exploring the world and experimenting with varied cuisines, the circular kitchen forms the center of the space. It develops an informal connection with the Living and her work space. Along the island kitchen counter is a life size world map suspended by metal rods, one side of which has recipes engraved on it while the other side reminisce her memories.
Entrance to the abode is the semi open verandah which connects the inside to the nature outside Entering into the abode is the living and kitchen which forms the semipublic area for her meetings with friends, clients and family. At the end of the space is a spacious bathroom divided by vertical wooden louvers. The louvers can be slided as well as rotated acting as the perfect mix of transparency and privacy.
The rustic wooden floor continues as the stairs over which the vine creeps to capture the essence of nature. On the level above is the secluded loft forming a completely private space. The glass floor forms a pause point from where she can see her whole house.
The furniture is delicate with the black oxide coated steel rods being the integral part. From the fresh luscious greens and the rustic timber to the smooth pink Corian and the soft green linen, all the materials complement each other and set the mood of the space. The space beautifully respects Jeet’s interests and encourages her to develop herself forming her private space where she is truly herself.

Tarika Deshpande

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