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The Grid House

Jeet is a 24 yr old young travel enthusiast working in the field of Graphic design and Advertising.He lives in the outskirts of Kottayam village in kerala with a lake in its proximity. There is a small space on his dad’s farm where he wants to create his own abode.
He has OCD. Perfectionism is a typical symptom of OCD patients who tend to be primarily preoccupied with order, symmetry, and exactness. He is an extrovert so people often come to his place. In his childhood he loved verandah where he used to sit with his grandfather on the reclining chair. He loved wall paintings depicting stories of god and is a spiritual guy. Being in the creative field he wants the space to be fun with a reflection of his heritage.Following are the hobbies of him -
Cycling, Cooking-Food blogger and Travel Enthusiast.

Following a grid and intertwining the grid at various places became a major solution catering to help the client. Highlighting and hiding the grid at various places became a governing factor for proper selection of colour and material. Tangible as well as intangible systems of his heritage are integrated. Inshort following points were followed-
Amalgamated spaces with individual identities.
Presence of tradition with a contemporary touch in it.
Outer space has a presence of tangible things of his heritage.
Follows the GRID pattern and is placed in order.

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