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The Grove

The Site located in Ratnagiri, as a second home plot for the family of 6, with their individual aspirations for the plot in a complex space.
The inspiration for the spaces derive from the local native housing and vegetation. The tall coconut groves, the blue waters of the beaches, the stone house with internal courtyards, the feeling of sand and mud, the cold flooring, the warm sun between the shade of trees, the large viridian canopy of trees covering dusky pathways. The idea was to enrich these experiences into the plot.

The spaces around the house, keeping the natural contours in mind, have been designed according to the aspirations of the family members, diving the plot into three parts, public front in which outsider based activities like parties and get to gethers are involved, a semi private space where activities like gardening and productive activities are practised and private spaces, which are reading, product designing and workshop spaces, dancing, cooking etc. Use of boulders as natural furniture enriches the outdoor experience.

The landscapes have a hierarchy to fram the views as they rise from ground level to the skies. The interiors of the house also follow the same ideologies of hierarchy of spaces as public, semi public and private spaces with intermingling of exterior landscapes into the interiors.

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