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The Pinnacle

Commercial complex housing Business hotel and Mumbai metro rail office was a landmark project built at theSiddhivinayak junction in Dadar.The project focused on showing dynamism of the modern world by exploring form,materials and technology.The narrative for the project included overall emotions experienced around the site like pace of the metro users,crowded junction,long queue at siddhivinayak mandir or happy and celebratory nature of playground. Henceforth the main intention of the project was to make it public inclusive by providing open plazas and gathering spaces.The brief included the retail shops which acted as a driving force to attract the maximum crowd and keeping the site active and lively throughout.
The site has 2 metro exits and therefore the heavy bunch of crowd coming out from those exits were given a buffer space and metro plaza was designed.
The vehicular entry was taken care of through the internal road near Siddhivinayak mandir while the pedestrian access was provided from Sayani road and Metro plaza.
The form of Business hotel and metro rail office were taken contrasting to each other so that both the structures create their individual identity.Business hotel was a high rise structure tapering at top,while metro office was low rise spread over a larger floor area.
Luxury and privacy of business hotel users was taken of utmost care by providing it a separate drop off facility,5 star amenities and overwhelming views of Mumbai City.The common functions like fine dine,bar,multipurpose hall,gym and spa were located at lower levels and upper floors housed the private rooms of hotel overlooking the amazing views of the city.
The central plaza was zoned right in between hotel and metro office acting as a break out space for office working employees as well as people visiting crowded siddhivinayak mandir.In order to keep the users engaged it was surrounded by retail shops having a wavy roof over it encouraging the dynamic nature of the project.
Hence the whole project added value to the site forming a landmark within the context.

Vinay Ekkaldevi

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