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The Regional Factory

The initial explorations of the parametricism were varied. However, the theory of the same
as per the ‘Parametricism 1.0’ goes a long way to tell one the stance of Parametricism on the
baseless repetitions of forms we are seeing around us.
Hence, there is a need to combine the cutting-edge technology with the locality of the
context so as to get the best out of both worlds. The Regional Factory is an attempt to tackle
the monotony and blatant repetitions of computer algorithm via Parametric Regionalism.
A site which has it all; from luxury towers to chawls, from prison to temple.
Hence, it was of the utmost importance to retain and enhance this diversity. This idea was
the driving force and the core of the proposal.
In a given setting of Saat Rasta, the site on which the project is marked holds the potential to
create a community landmark for the area; both visual and functional; while still responding
to its context.
Thus, amalgamation of Regionalism and Parametricism to arrive at a proposal which is not
only unique to the discourse it follows but would also impart a unique socio-cultural identity
to the site is the main objective of The Regional Factory.
With the advent of new developments happening in the area, a building which strives to bring
together people should go a long way to retain and enhance the diversity of the context.

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