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The Rendez - vous Children's Park

The project aims at looking into a more sensitive design for children’s play, being aware of how the pandemic has added to their monotonous play and the main intent here is to increase the playfulness of children.

Post pandemic, have we ever wondered as to how a child deals with mental health? They being the future, are experiencing a lot of drawbacks- physical, emotional, social and intellectual. In short, due to lack of scenery changes, children are getting very hyperactive, agitated, aggressive and inactive. The intent of the programme is to create minimum touch spaces for children which will offer them varied experiences which are unpredictable and thus instilling curiosity,fascination, learning and inquisitiveness.

Inspired by a kaleidoscope and the butterfly effect, the form will possess dynamism which will be operated by the movement of the children. Hence, the form of the playing pods will have an ever changing dynamism. The actions performed by a child in one space will create unpredictable reactions and dynamism in another child’s play pod, thereby creating playfulness and an element of surprise.

Due to Covid-19, sanitation has been a major concern for all parents thereby limiting their children from using public parks. This design has an incorporation of mist walls which have been designed in such a way that they act as a barrier and as an element of play by converting itself from water to mist everytime there is a motion sensed near the opening and thus reducing the touching of spaces. Every element designed on site has a specific character related to a child’s play, be it the seatings, ramp, amphitheatre, play pods etc. There is a play of light and colours throughout the design engaging all age group users on site.

Hrithika Chandramouli

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