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The Transit

The programme required students to design a business hotel with the metro headquarters and a high end retail facility which will add value to the existing urban setting of Prabhadevi.

The design approach started with a narrative based on the personal experience of the site as well as what anyone who travels from these routes everyday encounters.The concept was to develop a proposal which would show the perfect transition, architecturally from the Chawls of Dadar to modern high rises of Worli with Prabhadevi acting as the transitional zone in between showing urban growth.

The spaces are designed to allow users of the business hotel to truly experience local life and enjoy quality stay, the metro office workers to have a comfortable work environment and an easy access to public transport the pedestrians to enjoy shopping with a public inclusive front.The zoning is done by segregation of the hotel as a private, metro office as a semi public and the retails stores as a public entity.

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