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The Urban Umbrella

The 1.4 km selected street stretch is located in the Karvenagar Area of Pune city. The street was mapped taking all the possible tangible and intangible aspects into account.
Based on the analytical study, the STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES, and THREATS were identified for each block. After a critical analysis, a block with a maximum potential was further taken forward for reconfiguration and designing.
'A street, merely known as a medium for transition stages enumerable activities.'
The design aims at providing not only a smooth and safe transition but also uplifts the daily experience for a bhajiwala bhaiya, a septuagenarian cyclist, a specially able friend and a kid with his dog on an evening stroll.
Three prime factors of apparent 'Good Urban Life'; Shade, Safety, and Social Vibrance are taken into consideration while designing.

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