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Triarch House

The studio apartment is an amalgamation of spaces with different
functions and features. Jeet sharma is a 28 year old Graphic designer
working in Chennai for a couple of years and wants to redesign his farm
house into a studio apartment. Coming from a South Indian family he
likes his traditional house and culture wants an image of the same in his
studio apartment.
The mood of entire space is set with dark grainy wood complementing
with shiny rustic copper metal.With the hues of Grey on the timber floor,
natural patterns of marble and wood on the walls with the triangular
patterns adorning the furniture and arches across the living area give a
simple elegant yet contemporary image.Conscious selection of materials
and the furniture surfaces modulated with natural and metallic textural
lines helps build up desired mood within the space.
The integral part of traditional houses is the central courtyard space with a
low seating. This central socializing space as an element is used in the
living area of the house with pillars topped with arches. This space
connects to the heritage and culture and is a highlight within the
house,around which the other spaces in the house are moulded shaping
the design of the overall plan.
Different spaces are closely knit into a homogeneous space with a
conscious selection of a common theme based on the client’s
personality.There is a lounge chair in the verandah with designed railings.
The work space is designed with a L desk with blinds for window for
controlled light modulation.The sleeping space is facing a wardrobe with
a built-in tv unit along with a dressing table that is shielded with a screen
for visual disconnect and privacy .

The furniture set-up is kept simple with shiny metal metal strips patterned
over the dark grainy wood complementing the simple yet modern
personality of Jeet. Being a studio apartment workspace and the living
area are the spaces of direct access in the apartment. The sunken living
area is the highlight of the entire apartment with arches running around
the space. Stepping down from the archway , a low seating sofa gives the
space a traditional essence with modern touch.

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