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Onto a picturesque scene of Deer Park, Powai far away from the concrete Jungle of Mumbai rests a unique relic sacred to a family of unity in diversity. This relic itself holds up to be a fine manifestation of possibilities, commemoration, apprehension and contemporary yet liberal outlook. All this culminates in a programmatic style in the form a zero in on – HOUSE, the Trijann.
An essential aspect that separates this structure from any other is the boundless anecdote which secures it in conjunction. The core objective behind this project resides in the principle that the abridged the endeavor as an attempt of backtracking the family and translating the same into a rigorous design process.
The venture involved extensive mapping of all family traits with a methodology of relocating them into binding factors and identity of the space, in addition to the interventions that brought impeccable set of geometries, anthropometric aspects and cultural reflections that resides both in the herbage site and the system of the house itself. The Trijann replicates the relationship between the family identity and the site, Deer park each of it at different scales as different canvases building up a hierarchy so inspired from an institution.
Trijann is an attempt to bring forth the design-based semblances working upon the curvatures of site and so reciprocated on the form to merge with the context yet obtrude as an out turn of dynamism. The process holistically explored the translation of the narrative while associating it with an architectural building. The drawings produced, the places mapped, and the context studied all pursue a different purpose and follow various methods yet merge together in a network of connections considered specifically for the better understanding and design for human comfort and leisure while cutting along the fresh waters of Powai Lake.

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