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Urban Curve

The aim of the project was to form an urban capital associating with the development that has happened across the past few decades.
The site is in Prabhadevi, Mumbai which is one of the prime locations considering its central location connecting all the major roads and having the most prominent religious site of our country beside it. Given such a developing urban context with high rises and less of open spaces, it becomes necessary to create a high street throb for all its users (Metro head office, Business Hotel and Retail showroom) and the public.
The idea revolved around creating a landmark building with an urban connect through its astounding form, interconnected activities and functions placed relative to the site. The form tries to follow the linearity of the site context and still show the growth and change that is taking place.
Zoning was primarily based on the immediate site context and existing vehicular pattern. The Business Hotel and Metro Head office are placed along the internal road giving some privacy to its functions whereas the retail spaces are placed opposite to the main junction open for public interaction.
The curving masses correspond each other depicting growth and connect. The presence of courtyards and galleries not also connects the functions at various levels but also gives a depth to the space. The form is kept simple pertaining to the given area and tries to provide the view of the surroundings with natural light entering during the daytime. The open spaces at the ground level gives a solid base to the structure and enhances the public interaction around the site.
It is primarily constructed by using reinforced concrete and glass giving it a contemporary look. It merges with surrounding context with a curved form and glass facade showing the advancement of technology and a growing urban fabric.

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