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Urban Oasis

Public plaza and garden is located adjacent to the Siddhivinayak Temple, on the North, which is closely revered by the city inhabitants as well as tourists from all over. The surrounds resonate distinctly with this religious and cultural activity. The South has the Ravindra Natya Mandir, a popular Cultural centre in the city, with auditoria, multifunctional plaza and exhibition and activity spaces. The South also has the Rachana Sansad Institutional building, and the Convent Girls high school on the East. The Proposed Business hotel and Commercial hub for Metro head office cum retail complex, is located on the West.

The space is designed keeping in mind the neighboring function and the user. A tentative graph was made in order to analyze the crowd around the site. Noting down the key points of the site niches were created according to different type of users.

The concept is based on dividing spaces by incorporating seatings according to the users. The levels and the amount of seatings vary according to the density of users and their needs. The seatings creates Pockets to House functions like an amphitheater, art installation space, gym, play area and workspace.

The temple plaza is made inviting as it accommodates the local people and the tourists visiting the temple.
Also the central space carved is made for people to sit and relax.

The playground and gym area is in close proximity to the school and residential zone for quick access to the users.

The workspace is in close proximity to the office area for the people to come and relax also they can work with their laptops under the solar tree.

The art exhibition area is where students can display their art work and performance area caters to the artists of the ravindra natya mandir.

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