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Variegate: Towards heterogeneous relations through built form.

The driving force of our project was to incorporate programs that could be imagined where their functions could share varying degrees of intensities with each other, forming new relations between them by being connected visually or physically. The architectural response was made porous through the overlapping of functions and the threshold spaces were designed with layers of fluid transition to trigger possibilities of chance interactions among various users.
Heterogeneous public street life was explored vertically through the form of an elevated street with various functions connecting to it physically or visually. The concept of organic urban farming was further utilized to prolong the vertical street in the form of rentable facades along the elevation of the structure. The design further responds to the ground and sky and fragmenting the building vertically as per human scale, breaking away from the conventional typologies present on site.
The new forms of life which expresses these new relations formed due to engagement of various activities on site to achieve heterogeneity.
The project is an expression of these parameters of culture, people, places and activities, where these newer productive engagements, building as a journey, public infiltration by elevating them and breaking away from the conventional stereotype development striving to achieve heterogeneity.

Aum Gohil
Serah Yetin

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