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Walk through the mountains

The aim of the project was to give the all-new architectural style to users and the locals and to help the current boosting tourism. Along with retaining the existing activities (like small market / trading place, admin office, post office, bus stop), slopes, vegetation (apple orchards); design introduces many pause points, eatery / café, multipurpose spaces and defines the use of terrains to divide functions according to the user group, housing typologies and construction techniques. The structure forms a centrally concentrated space / forum, including play of levels with plinths, stairs etc. along with wide angle and concentrated viewing points in order to give the essence of the space in different perspectives. Use of local materials with contemporary materials, retains the essence of local art and architecture, design fits within the context and still stands out. Skylight openings, dormers allow light and heat but not the wind in the bone-chilling atmosphere. Use of materials like kathkuni (earthquake resistant), RCC (framework), timber (trusses), polycarbonate (aesthetic), slate (roof) along with the movable louvers with underground storage tank unit at different places allows to collect the snow and practicing snow harvesting, makes the design sustainable. The end product of the design project Introduces the contemporary vernacular architecture.

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