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Women Upliftment Centre

Amidst the dense urban fabric of Mumbai city, sits a place that gives opportunity
to those who are less fortunate to receive, an Upliftment Centre for Women &

Children. The main aim and design of the structure was to symbolise self-
sustenance and growth of women to mould themselves into strong individuals.

Thus the design of the centre includes various programs and facilities to aid this
medium of vocational learning through workshops and activities, and also selling
their efforts to generate revenue and run the NGO.

The design of the ground plus two storeyed structure fits perfectly in the site. A
lot of focus as per the concept was given to site planning to engage activities
spill out from the workshop spaces and cafeterias to the open to sky areas. The
main element of the design is an atrium supported by a tree column. This is the
main circulation and interaction core of the building. The column is a vertical
garden which grows the herbs and plants the women use for cooking – this
entire element is to symbolise self-sustenance.
The other feature was to use cardboard pipes as walls, which vary in height thus
giving visibility of the spaces through and through and co learning could take
The façade system used – Channel Glass as a material also to optimise this
concept of fluidity and openness. The pipe concept was continued on the façade
as well, to provide shading according to sun chart directions as well as add an
element of colour and vibrancy to the structure.

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