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Building Facade Design

Semester 5 | Tech Design Studio

Ar. Joey Roy
Ar. Sulakshana Bhanushali
Ar. Shruti Barve

Studio Conductors

The main intent of the studio was to critically dissect a structure and study the various layers that make the facade of the building, keeping in mind its purpose, location, climate and other factors affecting it.

The students were made to study an institutional/commercial building and understand the concept behind acoustics, thermal and lighting quality within the building and at the transition spaces.This was followed by conducting a detailed survey of the chosen building by measuring the noise and light levels and shadow patterns at different times of the day throughout the site.

The exercise developed further by designing appropriate fenestration/fins,treating the current facade of the building, through proposed plans, elevations and conceptual sketches.
The students further designed a canopy for the building by providing details of construction techniques and materiality of the same.

The outcome of the exercise was a treated fenestration design proposal for the existing building with an application of various systems of canopy study.

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