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Cafe cum Retail Shop Design

Semester 4 | Allied Design

Ar. Shilpa Daga
Ar. Swapna Hankare
Ar. Richa Raut
Ar. Jay Mali
Ar. Esha Tipnis
Anushka Contractor

Studio Conductors

Students were expected to design an interior space that accommodated seating for 20-30 people allocating the rest for retail.The students were allowed to choose any cuisine from Goan, Vegan, Organic or Street food and the retail products would either be Books, toys and stationery, artworks or accessories. The client here is Sam, a 38 year old single girl/guy who has had a burnout and decided to leave the corporate world behind in Hong Kong to move to a slow paced life in Goa. His/her love for food has made him want to own a cafe cumtail space in Goa.

The aim was to make students understand the functioning of a cafe cum retail space, its various technical aspects like lighting, furniture, services, landscape etc. They were expected to keep in mind the local sensibilities and yet make the design appealing to any world traveler.

The students thought ‘out of the box’ and explored various design styles and
came up with unusual ideas for interior spaces and food experiences; incorporating them in their design

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