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Car showroom Design

Semester 5 | Architectural Building Construction & Materials

Ar. Milind Amle
Ar. K.V. Parameshwar
Ar. Rohit Karekar
Ar. Dhara Parekh
Ar.Pranay Bhavsar

Studio Conductors

The brief of this assignment was to design a Car Showroom for 10 cars of about 1000-1500 sq.m along with the allied facilities like turntables, reception and office areas. Students were supposed to consider a plot area with roads on at least two sides (to showcase the display) and an offset of 9m around between the building and plot.
The intent of this exercise was to build a Framed Structure of medium span. The exercise was primarily focused on designing interesting forms where structural layouts, curtain walls, dry claddings, canopies and foundations can be applied and integrated. Designing & planning the internal layout of the showroom had a secondary focus.
Students understood the application of their Construction knowledge into a design problem with focusing on construction methods, structural systems and materials.

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