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Housing Design

Semester 7 | Architectural Design

Ar. Rohit Shinkre
Ar. Harshada Shintre
Ar. Jiten prajapati
Ar. Sudipta Iyer
Ar. Prerna Thacker
Ar. Anuja Sawant
Ar. Shrikar Bhave
Ar. Sagar Valia

Studio Conductors

The intention of the exercise is to study how a human lives and occupies individually as well as collectively using the parameters and to understand the factors influencing the housing typologies that will boost healthy living and healthy communities.

The exercise explicitly focuses on the planned / designed urban housing case studies and to investigate the interdependencies evolving between the building and its context.
The Socio Cultural Exchanges- the potential to set the stage for chance encounters and social interactions ; nurturing the community.
The Climate Response to understand whether the building envelope , facades , orientation, fenestrations respond to the climate such that the building is relevant to the context.
The density to evaluate the number of tenets as well as dwelling units in relation to its site and how different typologies achieve the density and still correspond to their contexts.

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