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Semester 9 | Architectural Design

Ar. Hardik Dedhia
Ar. Yagnik Bathija
Ar. Mythili Shetty
Ar. Rishi Vora
Ar. Rajratna Jadhav

Studio Conductors

The semester 9 Architectural design project was divided in 3 major phases of. A critical reading of contemporary architectural discourses is thus relevant to be able to engage with a design problem with larger objectivity and back up with strong rational argumentation. With respect to this, three relevant contemporary architectural discourses aiming towards providing an objective base to the discipline are selected for this studio.
a) Parametricism
b) Object Oriented Ontology
c) Phenomenology
The project was done in pairs, and each pair was given 1 discourse to work ahead on. This was followed by developing a set of arguments along with aims & objectives for the project.

The site was at Saat Rasta junction, Byculla also known as the Jacob Circle or the Sant Gadge Maharaj, a part of Girangaon. It is one of the busiest junctions of the city. This area marks the end of the mill district and the start of the market district of the Mumbai city. A detailed study of the site was done through shared resources and online research as the process was conducted under lockdown.

The programs were hence a result of understanding the needs and aspirations of the site, along with a critical understanding of discourse in the form of architectural arguments. This was followed by each pair framing up brief and area statements for themselves.

All the previous studies came together to take shape in the final 8 weeks of the process. Students designed “Mixed use buildings” derived from their processes. The 3 larger pools of projects were based on the discourses, where the major fundamental differentiation lied in the class along with programs and the response to site.

This process was by far one of the most unique ways of approaching Architectural design as a subject, which was enjoyed by the students and led to production of well informed designs.

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