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Rainwater Harvesting

Semester 3 | Environmental Sciences

Ar. Juhi Prasad
Ar. Prerna Thacker
Ar. Sulakshana Bhanushali

Studio Conductors

Water is a precious resource today that on one hand is short, monitored, limited and difficult to
access and on the other is overflowing and wasted with most people using almost double of what is allotted to them. Given that rainwater is a largely freely available resource and needs no costly processes of desalination or the likes The idea of this exercise is to bring out the understanding of concepts in hydrology, site drainage and rainwater as a resource through an innovative efficient design.

An understanding of the water supply requirements of a single residential building and the
management of water as a resource through various modes of rain water harvesting has to be
brought out. The design exercise will include an understanding of the water usage of the residents and the other water requirements of the building you are residing in. The outcome of the exercise is to design a rain water harvesting plan to supplement the usage / replace it reducing the load on the municipal supply of water with detailed design of the layout, piping, filtration and calculations of capacities and sizes of water storage tanks (UG, OH, RWH).

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