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Redesigning Siddhivinayak Temple Complex

Semester 5 | Allied Design

Ar. Devyani Deshmukh
Ar. Swapna Hankare
Ar. Shweta Sonakia
Ar. Swati Desai
Ar. Shraddha Palande

Studio Conductors

Open spaces are the hotspots of activity and social lives of the inhabitants of a city. The city fabric allows open spaces to be the setting for built form. These are also places to meet, interact, entertain, or just relax, and contemplate. They enhance the economic values of their surroundings and absorb the spillover of built forms. Open spaces are associated with urban traffic junctions and transit nodes, ensuring a high footfall that allows people to relate on a daily basis.

The site for landscape design was located adjacent to the Siddhivinayak Temple (at North). The surroundings resonate distinctly with religious, commercial and cultural activity. The immediate site surrounds, nestled within a fast changing residential neighbourhood, is alongside the prime circulation North South artery of the city.

The under construction Metro rail is set to change the face of the area, with a new sense of dynamism, penetrating through. The open spaces need to be designed to tackle the probable transformation and create healthier and livable areas with enhanced environmental conditions. The students were required to design the spaces allocated for plaza and garden, and the edge conditions on all sides, including the playground. The final presentation was a result of detailed understanding of the context, and explored many different aspects of landscape design.

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