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Series of spaces

Semester 3 | Allied Design

Ar. Saurabh Mhatre
Ar. Rishi Vora

Studio Conductors

The objective of the exercise was to redecorate a room chosen from an existing architectural project and redesign it according to different time slots during a day corresponding to different activities.

The interiors were done in stages. First, the furniture arrangement was done according to the activities carried in the space. Then the fenestrations were designed according to different requirements of the space so that factors like natural light and wind could be used to illuminate and ventilate the space. Accordingly the next step was to draw out an analysis of the these ventilation and illumination plans and showcase how it affects the space maximising its spatial potential, which would then help in the next step, that is providing the space with artificial sources of light and air (lamps, fans etc) to enhance the spatial setting beyond just its natural amenities.

The final step was to find the relation between the internal arrangements and external settings. This was done by studying the views from different openings. This was to propagate the idea of the cone of vision and how the human view from the functional points can add on to the user mood and design quality.

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