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Transit oriented development

Semester 9 | Allied Design

Ar. Swati Choksi
Ar. Snehal Gaikwad
Ar. Pooja Chichkar
Ar. Sonia Saraf

Studio Conductors

Urban Design studio, was a continuation of Sem 7 Town planning studio where the class was divided into 4 teams and each team was given a railway station of Mumbai to study before proposing an intervention. The railway stations under study were Cotton green, Prabhadevi and Bandra.

Students mapped their site context through the tangible and intangibles characteristics and developed their conclusions in understanding the area. Urban level characteristics like identifying city blocks, FSI distribution, density mapping etc. were layered on the Sem 7 studies like Figure and ground, Land use, Road networks, activity mapping, Amenities, etc.

This mapping was then used as the basis of further study. Transit Oriented Development parameters were identified and analysed. Critical lenses were identified to develop larger strategies to re-imagine the entire context.

The design proposal was then envisioned as a Transit oriented development of the context. Macro proposals were made in terms of city blocks, proposed FSI, proposed density etc. which aimed at creating a more social and inclusive urban environment. Micro proposals were made at strategic locations as per the initial studies of all teams.

It was interesting to understand a city at multiple scales and how macro level parameters govern the experience of a city that the masses have.

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