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Urban Street design

Semester 7 | Allied Design

Ar. Shekoba Sanap
Ar. Paragi Mehta
Ar. Pooja Chichkar
Ar. Enakshee Bhatia

Studio Conductors

Streets lie at the heart of public life in contemporary India.In a city like Mumbai, Streets play an important role in compensating lack of public open spaces. Although the most preferred mode of transit is by foot, streetscapes are hardly designed keeping the users and their comfort in mind. The brief aimed at delineating and redesigning a street of 750m to 1000m. Students were expected to justify the selection of the chosen street, understand its streetscape through maps, sections etc, analyse its deficiencies and propose for its transformation

Intent was to incorporate sustainable mobility elements e.g. footpaths, cycle tracks, etc and additional elements like trees, bus stops, street furniture and organised vending spaces in an integrated design and to ensure universal access, safety of vulnerable road users and come up with effective traffic calming measures keeping in mind, the needs and behaviour of street users.

The students were able to critically understand the role played by a street in its surrounding, how the street users interact with the built and unbuilt environment and were able to re- imagine the streetscapes and look at street design more holistically rather than isolated approaches. It helped them understand the gist of Urbanism and its interdisciplinary nature.

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