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Honey - Comb Technology

As the climate is hot and dry and i think we really don't need such huge tonne of energy getting wasted in the cooling the mall and empty spaces such as atrium , corridor which sump up to huge volume , so as early coolers were used to make the environment humid , while in this process i need to cater only hot part of the year, rest year its so chilled that we don't even require AC .
My facade would likely help in the cooling of the building by changing the facade , and use the facade not only for aesthetics but also for making the building more sustainable to the environment .
Introducing such design techniques on the facade that would help to reduce energy consumption and a newer look to look at the building .

As it pertains to architecture, the term “Fenestration” refers to the arrangement and design of windows and other openings in a building including doors and skylights. This only pertains to openings in the exterior of the building where the opening could affect the transmittance of light and heat .

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