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Jal Chhaajan

The Rainwater Harvesting system planned and designed by our group is based and is designed for Surya Building, Boisar, Maharashtra. The site has an area of 14500 sq. ft. and a G+2 structure. In order to save the rainwater that can be used if collected in a proper manner, the design supports its purpose.
The system here is a basic Rainwater designing system with a design aspect to it such that not only is it collects rainwater, it stores it in the OHT as well UGT and channels water through designed Glass Panels that also keeps the driveway for cars dryer during monsoon.
The installation is created in such a manner that in elevation each panel looks like a stretched ‘S’ letter. Basically, its shape allows the water to flow right into the collecting system and transfer it to the storage area using motors, the fact of designing them into the glass is, so it remains visible to all the users. Thus the water stored can be used by society as per demands and requirements as it is an extra amount of water storage like users can use it in gardening or for washing cars or in case of shortage of water supply this water can be used in terms of the kitchen or in washrooms. The S- shaped installation on the on terrace level helps in increasing the catchment area. This helps to collect rainwater more efficiently.
The water that falls on the external walls of the buildings and water collected in terrace both are flowed down to these panels where they are kept at a certain height above the ground level, also water coming from the terrace is flown through its an external outlet that directly drops it on these panels resulting it to flow and get stored.
The waste water from the parking is collected and treated in situ and could be used for first flush. Also the green cover in the site has been increased so that the groundwater table could be increased.
The amount of water required per day by the entire society is 540 liters as the number of people residing here is very less that is only 24 people. The total rainwater collected is 154 liters per day.
In such a way people don’t have to only rely on the municipal water supply.

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