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Mercedes éclat

The main aim of the project was to provide for an enhanced car showroom space, in this case for the ultra luxurious cars of Mercedes Benz India. The entrance flanked by the semi-circular façades on either side opens into a grand reception and lobby. The canopy at the entrance is designed to elevate the rich welcome into the structure and the materials go in sync with the materials used for the external facade. The two semi circular shaped segments of the building at the front augment the whole look of the structure and carve out perfectly significant niches on the inside for the turntable display. The use of curtain walls helps in optimising light flow and maximising visual connect as well as gives the design the desirable modern-contemporary feel. The glass roof is another unique aspect that compliments the glass walls seamlessly and gives the interiors a bright, spacious look. The remaining roof renders a modern aesthetic and optimal function of the north light trusses, further accentuating the form of the building. The external cladding of matte grey aluminium composite panels provides for selective visibility owing to the nature and need of the internal functions, along with diversifying the textural and aesthetic value of the façade.

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