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Mercedes Verve

The designed car showroom is for the brand ‘Mercedes Benz’ and the involvement of dynamic form alongwith the use of speed and class as metaphors were the starting point for the design.The structure stands at a busy junction in the Mumbai city and thus a triangular form has been chosen to provide the maximum possible display windows.
The structure is predominantly built in RCC to achieve the desired angular form in elevation. The feature element of the structure- the stack parking in the glass box is in a steel framework with glazing fixed onto it. The structure has been cladded in matt black ACP sheets with horizontal engraving to denote the speed and dynamism the brand stands for. The display windows are structural glazing supported by the glass fins. The junction details between the ACP sheet and the glass panels have been worked out such as to create a seamless facade.
Overall the designed structure stands as a symbol of class and speed in the site owing to its materiality and the designed form.

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