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Neighbourhood Street Design

The site lies in the city center of the city Jaipur. The existing road abutting the site is a
4-lane carriageway which majorly focuses on the vehicular traffic movement,
neglecting the pedestrian movement. After analyzing the site, interventions were done
on the aspects that were absent. These interventions were done to make them
pedestrian friendly and revive them for regular uses by active participation of the
The different elements used in this can be classified into 3 categories, Street
elements, Safety elements, and multi-utility zones. Street elements include
Footpath – clear walkway
Footpath – Clear walkway that are universally accessed, provided with junction ramp
for ease of pedestrians. Bus Stops – Increase the public transit system of the city which
is missing. Carriage way – Well defined ways with uniform width strictly provided for
vehicular movement. Parking – Formal parking for private vehicle, and public cabs
and auto-rickshaws for better mobility and transit.
Pedestrian crossing – Provided on a raised platform for dual purpose, pedestrian
crossing and traffic calming. Speed breakers – Provided near the site due to its
absence in the vicinity, to reduce vehicle speed. Traffic signals – To increase safety
near the site. Central medians – To break the 4-lane carriageways into 2 parts with
designated direction. Street lights – At regular intervals to increase safety. Street
furniture – Benches, seating, raised platform provided as vending zone to increase
activity on the footpaths.
Plantations of trees that require very less water to grow and good amount of sunlight
at a regular interval to increase the green cover in a hot and dry climate. Utility and
Services at regular intervals to provide ease. Public toilet provided at gap of 1 km;
They are even one of the elements in the city's development.
Above mentioned were the elements of intervention provided for the betterment of
right of way after study of the site context.

Stuti Bhargava

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