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Our project looked at coming up with a functional way of integrating Rainwater Harvesting into an existing housing complex called Satya Apartments, in Thane.
The main aspects looked at over here were that of imparting a renewed image to the 60 year society and at the same time to enhance the functionality of spaces with high potential.
The interventions that we came up with through the design exercise were such that they would help us to give a certain playfulness to the dampened walls and a character to the deterioration structure, when at the same time we tapped the rainwater that was perennially available for a myriad of functions.
The society needed sheds and parking lots, defined softscapes and some new vegetation, which as were taken up in the proposal helped us with a double benefit of quality of the environment out there and at the same time, increasing the catchments.

Aayush Kapse
Ishita Pathak
Aakanksha Patankar

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