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Porsche Plaza

The main idea behind designing a car showroom for Porsche was to provide a niche for every car to be displayed such that each car gets maximum visibility from the road. This led to the stepped form in the plan where each step created a niche. The design stood as a huge mass and the monotony was broken down by the diamond shaped curtain wall to give the showroom a welcoming and ornamental look. The back of house facilities including car wash, toilets, canteen are pushed behind to give optimum frontage to the cars.

The canopy acts as a welcoming feature which goes in a similar fashion as the curtain wall. Along with the canopy, the double-heighted entrance adds to the volume and grandeur of the showroom. The roof reduces in height towards the end as the ancillary functions don’t require the massive space. Two ramps are provided, both on the extremes of the building to ensure smooth and efficient circulation of cars.

Consideration is given to the form of the showroom which looks like a block but has a rich volumetric and spatial quality which the users can cherish and experience.

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