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Shell Structure

The Sheel structure is designed is such a way that the whole roof forms a monolithic structure.
This monolithic membrane from the structural as well as the non-structural member. As the
structure gets concentrated towards the main 3 supporting point the roof membrane shifts its
paradigm from non-structural to structural member.
The roof comprises off multiple layers, though it seems to be very thin and floating above the
ground, it has incorporated number of layers within it. The very first is the reinforcement bar
network which is more dense and concentrated towards the support areas and gets lighter and
more spread out at the shading areas, further the covering of the reinforcement bars is done with
the help of white concrete, which is more effective in uneven parametric forms. Further the to
make the roof more lighter at the shading areas there are some openings and slits left open to
allow light enter the space, while to cover these open smiths glass is used in these slits to allow a
playful experience.
Thus, an intervention where one single member forms the entire space with the involvement of
structural to shading members, all under one single form.

Darshan Lulla
Kushal Gopanaboina
Yash Mundhada

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