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Shell structures

The given envelope is a seamless amalgamation of two shells intertwined with one another to form an exclusive exhibition space. It is sensitively designed to give the users a walk through different experiences.
As one enters the foyer, one comes across a double heighted glazed envelope that creates a grand sense of arrival. Just as one moves a little further, one comes across a seasonal waterfall culminating in a shallow yet elegant pond that elevates a ramp through it. The entire experience is almost seamless and magical and one transitions between the levels quite effortlessly.
The transitional spaces are also well lit throughout the day. The doubly curved glazed surface adds to the shear lightness of the structure while subtly blurring the lines between the inside and the outside. While the spaces under the ramp are thoughtfully used for backend and ancillary functions. And the outdoor garden adds to the quality of spaces crafted by the 2 shells, needles to say, beauty does lie in the openness!
The designed art gallery and exhibition space undulates to intersect itself and reach the user walking on the floor. The shells enclosing the exhibition spaces allow physical interaction of the users with the structure by being walkable in some parts and by coming down from the roof to the ground. This oneness makes the visitor feel cocooned and free at the same time, with various openings created by the undulations and induced voids.
The structure spanning over a span of 75m by 30 m is a blend of multiple shells , the space created is singular and seamlessly transitions from one part to another.
The shell structures are known to have an impressive weight to strength ratio and easy construction approach through which the complete shell structure can be divided into smaller modules of prefabricated members which can be manufactured or transported on site for assembly. The geometry of the intertwining structure, which is the initial curvature along with its boundary conditions and the type of loading dictates the load transfer in the structure.

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