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The building chosen was Haware Infotech Park in Navi Mumbai. The building originally has a
glass façade which wasn’t suitable for the building as the building got heated most of the time
due to heat and other factors such as noise pollution and less ventilation also became a
problem . The glass façade couldn’t tackle these issues and the temperature as well as the noise
varied from time to time during the day as the building is surrounded by many offices , railway
station , hotels and a mall.
So stomata was created in such a way that it would act as a permiable membrane and would
allow air , sunlight and noise as per needed as this building is also a commercial building and to
increase the comfort level for people inside the skin was designed in such a way that
The design emerged from the idea of STOMATA in plant cells which open /close and the
Haware logo .Once the arrangement of design units were done a motor and spindle were used
to rotate the flaps of unit in such a way that they would overlap and open/close according to
the need and make the building a bit more comfortable to reside in

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