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Sustaining Ecosystem

The rain water system designed by our group is specifically designed for Laukik society in Thane, Maharashtra. The site has a area of 729 square metre and a G+3 structure. To conserve the amount of rainfall on this land, different areas of the site are utilised.
There are total 4 facilities included in this entire system. The first one includes a shading system on the terrace which channels all the rainwater into two parts. First into OHT tanks and other towards the terrace seating where first flush water is used for watering plants.
The next facility is a roof above plantations on the ground level. The roof has voids planned according to the plantation patterns and the rest water is directed towards another tank on ground level. The third facility is a interactive seating system on the same level. This installation serves as an congregation space for the entire year and also collects water in monsoons. The water collected is directed to the similar tank. The water from the tank can be used for gardening, washing cars, etc.
The last way to conserve rainwater is collecting the rain falling on the parking space roof. This water is channelled through a rain chain to a small pond which is surrounded by pebbles which also purifies the surface run off going in the pond. The water in the pond is directed to the UGT of the society after purification.
The amount of water required per day by the entire society is 8640 litres. The total rainwater collected is 9674 litres. Thus the facilities provided above help in providing equal amount of water in monsoon seasons. Simplicity and functionality is the key of this design

Sukriti Sharma
Ruchi Pathak
Bhavya Mewada

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