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Tensile Fabric Structure

Tensile membrane structures and tensile building envelopes are thin-shell
structures. Tensile membranes carry tension with no compression or
bending, supported by a lightweight structural system.
Most often used for roofs and canopies, tensile structures are capable of
creating unique private and public spaces. Tensile structural systems are
low-maintenance and provide year-round protection from the elements.
Because of their malleability, they are able to complement – not compete
with – existing architecture and the natural environment.
The smooth, reflective surfaces of tensioned membrane structures provide
plenty of daylighting, reduce cooling costs and solar gain, and allow the
buildings to be more energy efficient. Their innovative forms and inherent
efficiencies reduce the amount of materials required to build a structure
and the transportation costs, resulting in cost savings.

The concept is to form the volumetric informal spaces with the help of a
conical shape fabricated by the tensile membranes. The conical forms are
positioned in two types - funnel and inverted funnel. The inverted funnel
results in formation of large volumetric spaces whereas the funnels form
the opportunity for better circulation around it.
The structure is a collaboration of different geometries created as per the
axis of the site and is arranged in such a manner that expresses a long
span structure.

Vedant Ingale
Pranita Thamke
Dipti Gondke
Karan Karapurkar

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