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Tesla Turn

The idea of the design of Tesla car showroom was driven by the fact that the showroom is overlooked from two roads at a junction. Accordingly, the design had the car display visible to attract the people and enhance the form of the structure with the glass facade. Walking through the grand main entrance into a double heighted space with a welcoming reception gives a luxurious feeling to the user. The form of the design has been derived from the shape of a car and then abstracted into this form giving a dynamic look to the structure.
The entrance of the building is small initially and then increases in height as we enter. A back entry with proper ramps is designed for the car servicing without hindering the entrance, and ensuring efficient circulation of cars. The staff room, toilets, administration and manager’s office are thoughtfully tucked to the hidden side of the building and the back house services are hidden behind wall cladding.
The curved roof of the building is to make the building stand out with purpose and with the great volume it has an impact on the surrounding showcasing the grandness of the showroom.

Varun Upadhye

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