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Clawinator: Portable lamp slides smoothly

The aim was to create an oddject which was interactive as well as functional. “Clawinator'' is a fun, wearable interpretation of light at your fingertips; slide it, wear it, light it. The materials used are paper for the external body, a LED light, and a lithium cell for the interior working.
The process went through intense discussions and trial and errors before finalising on the idea. The faculty guided us to think along the lines of a lamp which gets activated by the action of sliding. The most challenging part of the exercise was- thinking of a mechanism.

Janhavi Jadhav
Rupal Lohakare
Avantika Pendam
Swarangi Dharmadhikari
Rahul Bhoye
Mrunali Kokare
Isha Keni

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