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Infunity: Cuboidal Bean Bag Morphs Evenly.

Infunity consists of various colourful beans and seeds along with magnetic materials in it. The oddject was developed through layers of processes. It has a basic shape of a cuboid. The material of the cuboid is cotton cloth which is ideal for the oddject. This cotton cloth is stitched precisely in the shape of a cuboid. Infunity went through a number of trial and errors regarding the material and the amount of substance within the cuboid. To make the most out of Infunity, one needs to bring a magnet near the cuboid to start morphing. The cuboid will morph in the direction in which you move the magnet, hence giving you infinite layers of fun and attraction. This cuboid can be used by every individual when bored. Infunity fights that boredom and attracts you towards itself.

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