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Shiatsu Mat

Shiatsu Mat: Acupressure Mat Rings Faintly

Shiatsu Mat is fun to use and has a healing effect on the body. It provides acupressure that eventually lowers high blood pressure and relaxes muscles. The ringing effect while operating this oddject helps to calm down anxiety. Old, adult and children- this product is beneficial for everybody.
From clicking pictures of our room to finding similarities between the objects in the room we traversed a journey that opened our minds to look beyond a cursory glance. Focusing deeply on bringing the true essence of our statement, all the presumed which were ignored but were essential to make a simple mat were noted. Some of the initial ideas include a keyboard mat, a pouf and even a chair. Our main challenge was to keep the essence of the mat intact while at the same time making it sound. Metallic and glass beads were considered in the final product for ringing sound. The mat had to be operated in a spinning motion to justify the sentence. A nicely woven mat surface with beads for acupressure was made. But the ringing posed a problem as the sound was absorbed by the mat surface. Series of developments influenced us to use cymbals for acoustics. At the end through shared efforts, SHIATSU MAT was finally ready to use.

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