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Squashy Squasher

Squashy Squasher: Mechanical box squashes firmly

Squashy Squasher (Squishy Squishy Squash Squash!) is a multipurpose oddject which would be a jumping stool for toddlers, a teapoy table and a squasher, all at the same time!
To begin with, some basic designs related to the sentence were formulated. Process designs included a single piston, frustum shaped box, hydraulic pistons (using syringes), etc. There were experiments done using different materials such as foam sheet, net, corrugated sheet, spring, etc.
The final product had two pistons and the string mechanism used in it. Materials used were plastic (for box), strings, sponge, corrugated sheet and cardboard rolls. This oddject can be used as a squasher to squash fruits, paper cups, plastic bottles, etc. Keeping in mind the increasing threat of plastic waste and the space occupied by it in the dumping grounds and also the fact that squashing facilitates recycling, the product promotes the “Save Earth” mission. Besides, it can also be used as a stool for toddlers and a teapoy table.

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