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The Swill: Long Swing Circles Still

The name SWILL is derived from SWINGING and STILL. The Swill can be used when the rectangular frame is placed vertically and swung to and fro.It can also be used horizontally when two kids can enjoy it. The arrangement needs to be done with the help of a pivot screw. There is also an extension within the outer frame to extend the vertical bars when needed. The Swill is made of iron and is suspended from a nylon elastic rope. When a person hops in, the length elongates.The Swill circles when tension is created at the suspension. With the help of wheels at the bottom it circles smoothly.
Designing ‘The Swill’ was an extremely challenging task, along with doing justice to the statement. With numerous reworks and experiments, the final design of the Swill was formulated and executed upon.

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