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BhaktiBen Hasmukhbhai Residence

The illustration is primarily predicated on the representation of the Bhaktiben-Hasmukhbhai Residence which is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat based on the representation formulated by a Italian architect, Franco Purini.
This illustration emphasizes the surroundings and the materials from the Bhakti Ben Hasmukhbhai Residence considering the baseline as the plan and elevation of the house. The orientation of the background comes out with a landscape and the pathway that surrounds the house giving a clear understanding of every element in and near the house.
The inspiration of the monochromatic layout comes for the visually aesthetic appeal and that's the main attention in Purini’s drawing.
The intricate effect of the drawing manifested from Purini’s drawing and the residency gives a unique ideation showing the importance of the entire surroundings with the context being the focus.

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