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Broken Moons

Colour Scheme
The main Structure is in vibrant colours and the background is in shades of grey to create a primary focus at centre. The diamond shape of the site is highlighted by using bright /contrasting colour
Colour of the border changes according to the color scheme. The outer borders of the entire structure are relatively thick & dark to create a good focus at centre while the Interior borders are kept light and thin to keep it subtle.

Colour Scheme
The two structures have complimentary colours-
Yellow(warm) because the right structure is a public space i.e. gallery,cafe and cultural space in ascending order.Blue (cool) colour because the left structure is a rental space.
In the right Structure the plans have monochromatic color with increasing tone from bottom to top based on their usage. In the left Structure the gradation of color is kept constant in all the three plans. The concave voids are shown with complementary colour.
Surface development is selected so as to see all the elements like side walls, terraces, staircase and concave voids.
The line weight and tone of the border increases from bottom to top.

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