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Cave Mosaic

The illustration talks about the structure having unique juxtaposition of art and architecture, underground and sky, ancient and modern. This mixture represented by hot and black & white colour scheme. The illustration is divided in two parts that shows the above ground and underground part of the structure. The approachable door towards the structure hidden in the mosaic like texture to show the above ground domed roof shells. The hot colour scheme shows undulated columns and cave like walls. Black and white colour scheme shows the multifarious caves and their approach. Texture with yellow circles depicts spots of light with changing location according time.
The division in two parts and colour scheme, texture kept same as stage one so they look similar.
One part shows the section on the structure in hot colour scheme and another one shows half plan in black and white colour scheme to match up with the another one. Light effects are added in section with some tint of yellow colour. Texture depicts the space for activities while reddish column in section stands as obstacle in that space.

Sakshee Gothankar

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