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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The animated graphic represents a translation of Roald Dahl' mind blogging description of the classic “Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory”. The author describes the architecture of this chocolate factory in terms of its spatial manifestation, surrounding context, and the uncanny architectural features that make it a kid’s wonderland.
The underground section of the factory obtains a depiction of the contrast happenings above the ground and underground. The factory has a dusted, machine-like equipped look with weird cables and pipes following through the sturdy walls. Nobody could decipher what holds within the factory. However, the real fun is under the ground. The factory is made up of chocolates, with candy reinforcements and beams. The manufacturing complex is massive enough to accommodate a river of hot chocolate with mountains and all-natural elements in their sweet versions of delicious chocolate. The factory has several rooms and spaces which helped Wonka make his magic chocolates, such as the “Nut room” and “The inventing room”. It also features the famous elevator vested in the chocolate itself!
The model represents the imaginary plan of how the factory could have been, with the critical elements described in the book, filled with sweets and confectioneries.
The external context is described as the factory being situated in the central main landmark location, and the factory is the identity of the town.
The last graphic is an abstract version of the real essence of the factory, that is the movement lines in and out. The factory is essentially a maze, and spaces and functions are designed keeping in mind the various ingredients that make Wonka chocolates the best; coffee, bubble-gum, cotton candy to features like the great lift or the Oompa Loompa traversing through the pathways.

Krish Mewawala
Anushka Satpalkar
Urvi Khadakban

Krish Mewawala Anushka Satpalkar Urvi Khadakban

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